February 12, 2014#

Andrei Bouzikov is Killing It

Andrei Bouzikov gets it. The artwork for the latest Toxic Holocaust album caught my eye because it is, in a word, rad.

Andrei Bouzikov


Very good color contrast, nice use of color. Also the DNA cobra is pretty cool. Andrei has done a very good job evoking classic illustrators like Derek Riggs.

He’s also done some excellent work for Municipal Waste:

Andrei Bouzikov

I like the limited color palette. The mutant zombie is a nice touch, and is pretty much required for any re-thrash band (a trend for which Municipal Waste is sort of a standard-bearer).

You can check out his portfolio – which includes some really great pen and ink work.

I also recommend giving his blog a visit, since it seems to get updated a little more frequently than his portfolio and has some gems like this one:

Andrei Bouzikov

I don’t think enough can be said about really clean, limited color work like this. It’s dramatic, it looks awesome, and you can reproduce it on nearly any medium. I’m thinking t-shirt, or a black velvet poster.

Andrei Bouzikov is killing it.


May 30, 2012#

I found some unique looking salt for sale at Whole Foods and bought just enough to brush up on my macrophotography.

March 16, 2012#

Going through some old designs and I found this guy, a relic of a long-forgotten design contest. I think the theme was broadly “pixel art”.

King Wilhelm

I don't remember why his name is Wilhelm.


As always, in striving to recreate nostalgia we tend to lean heavily on tools designed specifically to fix the very thing about which we’ve become nostalgic:

King Wilhelm Detail

Worse still, there are no shortcuts.


March 15, 2012#