February 12, 2014#

Andrei Bouzikov is Killing It

Andrei Bouzikov gets it. The artwork for the latest Toxic Holocaust album caught my eye because it is, in a word, rad.

Andrei Bouzikov


Very good color contrast, nice use of color. Also the DNA cobra is pretty cool. Andrei has done a very good job evoking classic illustrators like Derek Riggs.

He’s also done some excellent work for Municipal Waste:

Andrei Bouzikov

I like the limited color palette. The mutant zombie is a nice touch, and is pretty much required for any re-thrash band (a trend for which Municipal Waste is sort of a standard-bearer).

You can check out his portfolio – which includes some really great pen and ink work.

I also recommend giving his blog a visit, since it seems to get updated a little more frequently than his portfolio and has some gems like this one:

Andrei Bouzikov

I don’t think enough can be said about really clean, limited color work like this. It’s dramatic, it looks awesome, and you can reproduce it on nearly any medium. I’m thinking t-shirt, or a black velvet poster.

Andrei Bouzikov is killing it.


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