• Movie Club Shirts

    Movie Club Shirts

    I designed (and subsequently bought myself!) a few shirts for some backyard movie watching clubs.

  • Walking Team Shirt

    Walking Team Shirt

    I designed two quick shirts for two corporate walking teams. I feel the couch potato shirt […]

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Photos of finished products.

  • Sublime Ice Cream Company

    Sublime Ice Cream Company

    Personal Work

  • US Currency Redesign

    US Currency Redesign

    Designed as part of a semester long cultural literacy project.
    Student Work.

  • Axewell’s Identity Package

    Axewell’s Identity Package

    A fictitious French-Canadian producer of bladed tools.
    Student Work.

  • US Postage Stamp Design

    US Postage Stamp Design

    Part of a semester long cultural literacy project.

  • Titania Club / Lunar Lounge

    Titania Club / Lunar Lounge

    Hospitality and tourism Management senior project

  • Global Process Solutions

    Global Process Solutions

    Logo design for Boston-area freelancer.
    Commissioned work.

  • Rolling Stone Spread

    Rolling Stone Spread

    Two page spread for Rolling Stone.
    Student Work.

  • Zeppelin Races

    Zeppelin Races

    Zeppelin Races
    Personal Work

  • Midnight Snack Illustrations

    Midnight Snack Illustrations

    Midnight Snack, a small business specializing in hand-sewn plushes, needed stickers to hand out as free […]

  • Red Rogue Salon

    Red Rogue Salon

    New brand for a Dallas are hair salon.

  • Calendar


    12 Month Calendar.
    Student work.

  • An Unbroken Line of Red and White

    An Unbroken Line of Red and White

    School project.
    Designing a book jacket for a fictional story exploring themes of cultural heritage. The concept for the book is the trials and tribulations of a line of Poles descended from a medieval cavalryman.

  • Concept Sketches

    Concept Sketches

    Concepts and rough sketches.